Twin Photo Registry

The Twin Photo Registry is a pictorial review of the NYSOMOTC Member Clubs, their members, multiples, and club events, among other things. Photographs are scrapbooked into albums which are organized according to member clubs.

This is a voluntary program; no club or member is under any obligation to participate. The purpose of participating in this photo experience is to promote and enhance the bonds of friendship and cohesiveness among member clubs and their members. It adds a personal touch to the reason which has brought us together. It is a visual celebration of our multiples; viewing the photo books is a pleasurable experience which celebrates the multiple experience which we share as an organization. For those who choose to participate, this visual pictorial serves as a permanent record of our multiples.

The albums (3 so far) are 12 x 12 acid free scrapbook albums. Pictures may be submitted by clubs or individuals of club events, families, multiples or whatever is desired. Or clubs or individuals may submit completed pages (12 x 12 top loading) for inclusion into the albums. The albums are displayed during State Meetings and at our Midterm Board meeting. Clubs are urged to participate, as viewing our multiples and learning about them promotes stimulation and knowledge of other multiples.

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